Fitting a Stage 1 kit - Part one - Removing the stock system

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My stage 1 kit

It's MOT time again and I know my exhaust needs replacing so what better time to fit a Stage 1 kit? I already have a Maniflow exhaust manifold, an inlet manifold and a K&N air filter element, so all I needed to do was to order the rest of the kit.

the stock Mini exhaust

The first step is to remove the exhaust. I removed the stock air filter box and removed the clamps behind the engine and the one under the engine. Then I removed the two brackets at the back of the car holding the exhaust against the rear subframe. With the exhaust on the floor I jacked the front of the car up so that I could twist out the exhaust before lowering the car back down.

SU HS4 carb

The next step was removing the carburettor and manifold. I used the Haynes manual to disconnect the cables, pipes and nuts to remove first the carburettor then the manifold along with a heat cowling that the air intake sat over.

removed the carburettor

I don't have an installation manual for installing a Stage 1 kit so I'm using the Haynes manual and whatever I can find online.

exhaust heat cowling for air intake

It took me about three hours to remove the above. I read online that you can fit a Stage 1 kit in around 2.5 hours, maybe with practice yeah, but I'm happy to take longer, checking everything as I go so I know that I'm not going to mess something up. I took lots of digital pictures, not just for this site but so that I can remember how everything looked before I started taking it apart.

the stock exhaust and inlet manifold

As I've disconnected the fuel line I'm also taking extra care. I disconnected the negative lead on the battery before I started, and I've sealed off the end of the petrol pipe with a plastic tube with a taped-up end.

Following the Haynes manual

It's late and cold so I'm calling it a night. Tomorrow I fit the Stage 1 kit.

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