Off the road again

After fitting the stage one kit to the Mini I'd taken it for a short drive, returned home, parked the car and turned off the ignition. Later, when I went to turn it on again nothing happened other than the noise of the starter motor.

Some time later and I still hadn't figured out what was wrong. The MOT was booked for the following morning so the car needed to work. It had new plugs, a fully charged battery, a full tank of fuel and a new exhaust system, and it 'was' working earlier.

I had a new distributor cap and HT leads lying around so I switched them over onto the car. I also ed the engine with a spare coil but still no joy. By now the battery was going flat so I called it a day and cancelled the MOT.

The Mini is now SORN'd and put away for the winter months. The plan is to treat it as a project again and to work on it as and when I have time. The advantage with it being off the road is that if I start a job, I don't have to rush to get it back on the road again in time for the next working day. I plan to take my time and enjoy both resolving the starting problem (I'm thinking a fuel issue rather than electrics) and attending to all the little jobs that I've identified as needing my attention.

Another advantage with the Mini being off the road is I can get it ready for an MOT in the summer months rather than the winter. It's always a pain having to work on a car in the freezing cold, but getting a car ready for an MOT in the warmer months is far easier.

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