Replacing a blown headlight lamp

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removing the front headlight lamp

One of my headlights blew on the way to work. Luckily I have two complete units at home taken from a scrapped Mini. So the plan was to replace it when I got home as I don't carry a spare with me. Driving in the dark with only one headlight is not ideal as other drivers may mistake you for a moped!

Unlike most cars, it's not just a case of changing a bulb with the Mini. The main beam is a sealed unit that is bigger than your hand. To replace a headlight lamp just unscrew the retaining screw of the chrome headlight rim, then unscrew the three screws that hold the inner metal ring in place. Make sure that you unscrew the correct three screws. You want the ones where you can see the complete screw and not the ones that disappear into the body as they are the ones that adjust the position and angle of your headlight.

headlight lamp removed

Once you have removed all three screws the lamp should just fall outwards. Unclip the three-pronged connector to free the lamp. Replace the lamp and refit the three screws, chrome trim and retaining screw and you are done. Easy.

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